Cosina Hi-Lite :

Made by Cosina: Produced circa 1968, Cosina Co. Ltd., J
Lens: Auto Cosinon 50mm f/1.4 5-group 7-element lens or f/1.8 4 group 6-element lens or f/2.8 3-group 4-element lens.
Shutter: Copal Square metal focal plane shutter with speeds from B. 1 to 1/1000 sec., self-timer; M-X synchronization.
Viewfinder: Reflex viewfinder with fresnel screen, micro split-image focusing spot; meter needle visible in the finder.
Exposure Meter: Match-needle Through-the-Lens Cds meter couple to shutter/aperture settings; meter needle visible in the finder; ASA range 25-1600.
Film Transport: Single-stroke film wind lever advances film, sets shutter, counts exposure and prevents double exposure.
Other features: Automatic re-setting exposure counter, film type reminder and Diaphragm control lever.
Dimensions: 145 mm (W) x 96 mm (H) x 92 mm (D) w/f 1.8 lens . Weight: 725 g