Wide-angle 35 Cameras ( 1 )


standard roll-film for 24x36 format
fixed lens minimum 35mm
not zoom and not reflex

It's possible to recognize these special camerast evolution only seeing the picture in this page. First cameras (from 1950 to 1970) were models absolutely similar to standard production, only supplied with a wide angle lens for special purposes. Something like Rollei choice with Rollei Wide (Lens Distagon 4/55), the famous twin lenses reflex, absolutely similar to standard Rollei 2,8 with Sonnar or Planar 80 lens. Second step began in 1970 decade, with more compact models, many of these cameras similar to Minox 35 philosophy, a great commercial success in those years ! At beginning of 1980' years a third generation of 35 mm wide amera appears, sometnig like "Heavy Duty" cameras, water proof, but not underwater proof, made with much rubber and strong colors, yellow overall, maybe to see better cameras in difficult situations. At the end of 1980 a new generation of wide angle cameras born, fourth generation, many of them autofocus ( the great innovation who start easily with point and shoot cameras, and wide angle lense made autofoucus easily to realize, and less accurate than in reflex cameras ). Starting from 1993, another commercial choice has been made by major firms in the world : some of the most expensive cameras were little, with luxurious finishes, very sophisticated cameras like Minox MDC, Nikon 28 and 35 Ti, Ricoh GR-1 and GR-21, Konica Hexar, Minolta TC-1. Many different ages for the same idea. MINIMUM FOCAL LENGHT 35mm or under.


Ilford Advocate

Shutter, Rotary blade type, speeds B, 25, 50, 100, 150 & 200th

Lens: Dallmeyer 35mm f/3.5 or f/4,5


Cornu Fama-Flor II

Lens: Fama 3.5/35

Olympus Wide

Designed specifically for wide-angle photography

Lens: Zuiko W 3,5/35

Olympus Wide E

Olympus Wide E was the first Japanese camera with an uncoupled exposure meter. It also featured a lever-type film advance mechanism,

Lens: D-F.C Zuiko 3,5/35

Olympus Wide S

It featured an F2 large-aperture wide-angle lens, a coupled range-finder and a parallax corrected view-finder. It was the first camera equipped with the "free light value" system,

Lens: Zuiko 2/35

Mamiya 35 Wide

Seikosha MX B,1-1/500
Coupled range finder

Lens: Mamiya-Sekor 1:2.8 f=35mm

Mamiya 35 Wide E

Seikosha MXL B,1-1/500
with Selenium Light meter uncopled

Lens: Mamiya-Sekor 1:2.8 f=35mm

Minolta Auto Wide

Citizen MVL B,1-1/500
Albada frame finder
Zone focusing with pictorial symbols

Lens:Rokkor 1:2.8 f=35mm


Walz Wide

Made by: WALZ Country: Japan
Shutter: Copal

Lens: Walzer 2.8/35


Welmy Wide

Shutter: New Welmy B, 1/30-1/300

Lens: TAIKOR 2.8/35

Kowa Kallo Wide

Shutter : Seiko MXL Shutter speeds : B, 1-1/500sec
Viewfinder : bright-frame finder with parallax correction mark

Lens : Prominar f2.8/35mm


Kowa Kallo Wide F

Like Kallo Wide but with meter.
Shutter : Seiko MXL Shutter speeds : B, 1-1/500sec
Viewfinder : bright-frame finder with parallax correction mark

Lens : Prominar f2.8/35mm

Rondo Colormatic

Lens: Rondonar_W 35



Lens: Rondonar_W 35


Ricoh Wide

Shutter: Seiko MXL

Lens: Rikenon 2.4/35

Kowa SW

Camera type : 35mm leaf-shutter camera
Camera body : alloy diecast
Shutter : Seiko SLV Shutter speed : B, 1-1/500sec.
Viewfinder : Kepler-type finder
Finder magnification : 0.4x
Focusing system : straight helicoid, visual distance estimation
Film wind : lever
Body dimensions : 127 x 76 x 51mm
Body weight : approx 580g.
Closest focusing distance : 0.5m

Lens : Kowa F 3,2/28mm


Ricoh Autoshot
Shutter: Automatic

Lens: Rikenon 2.8/35

Contarex Hologon
shutter from 1sec to 1/500, cloth focal-plane, only 1.400 made

Lens: Zeiss Hologon 15:8

Ricoh Hi-Color 35 S

Shutter: Seiko Automatic

Lens: Color Rikenon 2.8/35

Fujica 35 FS

Shutter: Seiko

Lens: Fujinon 2.8/35

Ringfoto Electronic 1000 X

Shutter: Electronic 18

Lens: Isconar L 5.6/35

Fujica GP

Shutter: Automat

Lens: Fujinon 2.8/35

Tom Noyes courtesy

Konica C 35 EFD

Shutter: electronic

Lens: Hexagon 2.8/35

Regula 35 FM

Shutter: Program

Lens: Regula 3.5/35

Yashica Electro 35 CCN

Really nice cameras! Yashica Electro 35 CC and Electro 35 CCN seem virtually the same cameras Only "Wide" logo designation on CCN, a different rewind lever is possible to see. Shutter: Copal electronic between the lens shutter

Lens: Color-Yashinon 1.8/35


Minox 35 EL

Focusing Range: 0.9m to infinity Exposure meter: auto or aperture priority Shutter Speeds: 1/500 to more than 2 seconds. Made in succesive variants with about the same characteristics

Minox 35 GL
Minox 35 PL
Minox 35 GT
Minox 35 ML
Minox 35 MB
Minox GT-X
Minox GT-E (1998)
Minox GT-S (1998)

Lens: Color-Minotar 35 mm f/2.8

Ricoh FF-1

Shutter: electronic, Minox copy

Lens: Rikenon 2.8/35

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